What is OMS?  

OMS ( Online Messenger Service) is created by Ni-Frith Media Systems.
OMS is a webservice available for everyone who wants to create their own messenger client.
If you are not interested in programming it yourself you can try out the different clients that are already made.
We also provide a webbased version of OMS, wich you can use in any Internet-Cafe or company wich uses a firewall ;).

The OMS network supports the following features:
-Userlist (Add or Remove users)
-Sendmessages (also sends messages to offline users)
-Status (Online, Away, DND, Busy, Eating, Meating, Toilet, Gaming, Phone, Free for chat)
-Chats (Add multiple users into a discussion)
-Search users
-Display names
-Hiding for user you don't know
-Uses port 80, so passes all firewalls ;)

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